November 30, 2010

MountainStar Hospitals Recognized Among Best in Nation

HealthGrades Study Confirms Achievement of Superior Patient Outcomes

SALT LAKE CITY – MountainStar hospitals throughout Utah achieved national recognition for delivering high-quality patient care. HealthGrades, a leading independent healthcare ratings organization, recently ranked St. Mark’s Hospital, Lakeview Hospital, Ogden Regional Medical Center and Timpanogos Regional Hospital among the best in the United States and in Utah for quality outcomes in multiple areas of patient care.     

“This notable recognition is attributable to caregivers and support staff at every MountainStar hospital who work hard to improve patient care,” explains Pamela Bennett, director of clinical quality and safety at MountainStar Healthcare. “As an example, the quality experts on our clinical councils analyze data to determine best practices at each hospital. They then take steps to implement the most successful quality improvement measures throughout our entire healthcare system.”

The Thirteenth Annual HealthGrades Hospital Quality in America study analyzes tens of millions of patients’ outcomes – specifically, mortality and complication rates – at more than 5,000 hospitals nationwide. It provides the only comprehensive analysis of quality outcomes based on patient records included in the most current government data (2007, 2008 and 2009). The study focuses on how well hospitals provide effective and appropriate care for patients.

MountainStar hospitals achieved top ranking from HealthGrades in comparison to other hospitals in Utah and across the nation. The study reported outstanding patient outcomes in multiple areas of treatment including cardiac care, stroke care and orthopedic services.

The following is a list of the top awards received by each hospital in the 2011 HealthGrades study:

St. Mark’s Hospital

  • Ranked #1 in Utah for cardiac surgery
  • Only hospital in Utah named a recipient of the HealthGrades Pulmonary Care Excellence Award™  - this year and for the last seven years in a row
  • Ranked among the top five hospitals in Utah for overall cardiac care and cardiology services

Lakeview Hospital

  • Ranked #1 in Utah for overall orthopedic services
  • Ranked #1 in Utah for joint replacement

Ogden Regional Medical Center

  • Achieved the Maternity Care Excellence Award™ seven years in a row (2004 through 2010/2011)
  • One of only four five-star rated hospitals in Utah for stroke treatment
  • Ranked among the top 15 percent in the nation for carotid surgery and pulmonary embolism treatment

Timpanogos Regional Hospital

  • Ranked among the top 15 percent in the nation for stroke treatment
  • Five-star rated for stroke treatment

Healthcare consumers are demanding increased public reporting of quality measures, and recent government reform efforts support this call to action. The Kaiser Family Foundation recently reported that more than 40 percent of adults believe there are major differences in hospital quality in their immediate geography. Additionally, since 1996, the number of consumers who indicated that they would choose a hospital based on a high-quality rating over familiarity has increased to 72 percent from 59 percent

According to the Thirteenth Annual HealthGrades Hospital Quality in America study, a large gap persists between the nation’s best and worst hospitals in their ability to manage patient mortality and complication rates.

  • There was an approximate 72 percent lower chance of dying in a five-star rated hospital compared to a one-star rated hospital, and a 53 percent lower chance of dying in a five-star hospital compared with the national average, across all 17 procedures and diagnoses in which mortality was studied.
  • It is estimated that 232,442 Medicare lives could have been saved between 2007 through 2009, if all hospitals performed at the level of a 5-star rated hospital across the 17 procedures and diagnoses studied.
  • There was an 80 percent lower chance of experiencing one or more complications in a five-star rated hospital compared to a one-star rated hospital for all procedures in which complications were studied.
  • There was a 63 percent lower chance of experiencing one or more in-hospital complications in a five-star rated hospital compared to the U.S. hospital average for all procedures studied.

About the HealthGrades 2011 Study

The Thirteenth Annual HealthGrades Hospital Quality in America study analyzed nearly 40 million Medicare patient outcomes from hospitalization records over the course of three years, 2007, 2008 and 2009. HealthGrades studies are performed yearly based on information hospitals submit to the government. All 5,000 U.S. hospitals are included in the study and do not have the option to opt in or out of the research. Hospitals can purchase the rights to market HealthGrades designations and rankings. The new 2011 HealthGrades hospital ratings are free to the public at

About MountainStar Healthcare

MountainStar Healthcare delivers nationally recognized patient care — when and where it’s needed. In Utah, this system includes the only satellite emergency department in the state, Lone Peak Emergency Center, as well as Brigham City Community Hospital, Ogden Regional Medical Center, Lakeview Hospital, St. Mark’s Hospital, Timpanogos Regional Hospital, Mountain View Hospital and a growing number of physician, surgery and imaging centers. Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center and West Valley Medical Center in Idaho and Alaska Regional Hospital are also included in the HCA MountainStar Healthcare system. For more information: