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We hope our patients and members of the local community will enjoy recent news stories about St. Mark's Hospital. You might find featured articles about our patients, information about innovative procedures or technologies, or stories about recent healthcare events.

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At St. Mark's annual Blessing of the Hands on Monday, Hokanson and others reflected on challenges like these as they met with hospital chaplains...

Hospitals in Utah and across the nation continuously look for new and innovative ways to kill multi-drug resistant organisms that put patient...

What happens when you cross a surgical scalpel with click pen? You get one of the most innovative products in the medical and hobbyist industries...

Joins four MountainStar Healthcare hospitals as the only network in Utah to achieve this recognition

The smoke from fires in Utah and surrounding states have caused a summer-time inversion in the Salt Lake Valley.

A West Valley City couple was on their way to the hospital to give birth but their baby arrived before they did. Edem Francis barely made a ...

Little Edem was due on July 14 but he had a schedule of his own. Two days before his due date, the newborn took his mom on quite the ride when...

Assaulting a health care professional in Utah could carry the same sentence as assaulting a police officer in Utah due to a new law signed by...

Those who address medical emergencies from the front lines are hoping a new law will keep them safer on the job. SB 106 was ceremoniously signed...

After having both of his knees replaced at St. Mark's Hospital, Greg Paul finally experienced the top of Mount Everest.

The 15th annual Blessing of the Hands at St. Mark's Hospital took place in Salt Lake City on Monday.

St. Mark's Hospital

May 09, 2016

The 15th Annual Blessing of the Hands Ceremony took place Monday with nearly 1,600 staff members in attendance.

Emergency room physician Mark Shah says drills like this provide invaluable experience for the hospital staff.

Hospitals, schools, businesses, government offices and others took place in disaster training at the State of Utah Emergency Operations Center...

Some patients turn to Gastric bypass surgery as a tool to lose weight, but doctors have been concerned whether at a certain age, the surgery ...

St. Mark's Hospital

February 14, 2016

Good 4 Utah's Brian Carlson looks at emergency vs. Urgentcare.

St. Mark's Hospital offers new treatment for irregular heartbeats.

A Woman's Journey: How cancer led to tough choices about health and children

Saundra Shanti, who is both a chaplain at St. Mark's Hospital and an artist, wanted to bolster a sense of connection between the hospital's patients...

Black-and-white portraits surrounded by red matting spanned the main entrance of St. Mark's Hospital on Thursday as part of a new art display...

St. Mark's Hospital

October 28, 2015

Justin Miller's eyes are his paintbrush. Paralyzed from the head down, a special camera on his Dynovox computer takes pictures of his eye movements...

St. Mark's Hospital

October 27, 2015

Justin Miller became completely paralyzed at age two after he was diagnosed with a viral infection; but that hasn't stopped him from pursuing...

St. Mark's Hospital

October 27, 2015

Miller is completely paralyzed, from head to toe, yet he's amazingly talented, using his left ear to drive his wheel chair and his eyes to draw...

St. Mark's Hospital

October 21, 2015

St. Mark’s Hospital among Top 10 Percent Nationwide

11,000 Utah women will be diagnosed with breast cancer this year alone. That's why St. Mark's Hospital started its pink ribbon tieing ceremony...

Utah hospital encourages women to get preventive, annual mammograms.

SALT LAKE CITY — Wafts of sage incense lingered across the rock garden of St. Mark's Hospital on Thursday, as six spiritual leaders from different...

Utah’s waterways are dangerously cold, according to the news team's demonstration.

Volunteers take the plunge into freezing water to demonstrate effects of hypothermia.

Stryker Sustainability Solutions has awarded St. Mark's Hospital with the "Healthy Hospital Award," for outstanding sustainability efforts in...

Unique collaboration brings a hybrid ablation procedure to two MountainStar hospitals

St. Mark's Hospital

November 05, 2014

St. Mark's Hospital recognized by the Joint Commission for using highly reliable interventions that improve patient outcomes

St. Mark's Hospital achieved readmission rates better than the national average according to data recently released from Medicare.

Doctors and nurses from the neonatal intensive care unit at St. Mark's Hospital got a rare chance to see how the babies they've helped have grown...

As the newest trauma center in the state, St. Mark's is better equipped to serve local communities in need of advanced care for injured patients...

Five MountainStar hospitals and its satellite emergency department are first in Utah to become Accredited Chest Pain Centers.

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