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Erica Faircloth, M.D. presents, “Maybe Baby,” for those thinking of adding to their families. Spencer Barney, M.D. presents, “Do you have heavy periods?” with discussion of causes and treatments. Matthew Whitten, M.D. presents, “Treatment for veins that are painful or unsightly”.

Sherman G. Sorensen, M.D. will present treatment options PFO cardiac issues.

Join us for an informative discussion about what options are available when it comes to weight loss surgery; who is a good candidate for this procedure; and how the surgery can treat conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure and acid reflux.

This support group is for patients diagnosed with celiac disease. We explain how to follow your prescribed diet and how to have a gluten-free kitchen. For more information, please contact our course instructor Heather Khader MS,RD,CD at 801.268.7036.

This class explains the patho-physiology of diabetes, the types of diabetes, basic guidelines of diabetes management (nutrition, exercise, blood glucose monitoring and medications). Fees based on physician referral and Medicare, but most health insurance plans cover cost of class.


HypnoBirthing class prepares a mother-to-be and her birthing partner to use self-hypnosis during the labor and delivery process. An instructor trained in both childbirth education and HypnoBirthing conducts each class, taking students through the entire birth process while teaching relaxation techniques and hypnosis to make the birthing process easier, faster, less painful, and in some cases, pain free.

A Cesarean birth is a special delivery. This one-hour class is for parents anticipating a surgical birth. We will discuss the events, expectations and emotions surrounding a Cesarean section delivery.

Are you anxious about caring for your newborn? This class is designed for anyone who is or soon will be a new parent. Topics include basic newborn care, hospital routines, infant safety and security, CPR demonstration, immunizations, and tips on when to call the doctor.

This course is designed for moms interested in using alternative methods of pain control during childbirth. Topics include anatomy and physiology of childbirth, the emotional and physical aspects of giving birth, and numerous comfort measures for labor, birth and recovery. Participants will also practice breathing and relaxation techniques, discuss the role of the support person, and identify the best tools to help a laboring woman.

Breastfeeding is the best way to provide nutrition to your newborn, but how do you breastfeed? This class provides information needed to get off to a good start. Topics include nipple preparation, how to get your infant to latch on properly, and dealing with common problems such as sore nipples and engorgement.

When giving birth, we want you to be as prepared as you can be. If you are first-time parents or have not had a recent birth, come learn about the labor and delivery process, breathing and relaxation techniques, the birth partner’s role, newborn and post-partum care and much more.

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