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Childbirth Education

Childbirth Education

You're expecting... and we're expecting you!

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If you are planning the birth of a child, St. Mark’s Hospital offers one of the most robust childbirth education programs in the Salt Lake Valley, covering a variety of information. With something for everyone, our classes range in subject from parents preparing to have their first child to those planning a Cesarean delivery. Call 801.268.7422 or 801.268.7940 to register for classes. Click here to view a calendar of upcoming classes.

Our childbirth education classes include:

Childbirth Preparation

Learn about the labor and delivery process, breathing and relaxation techniques, the birth partner’s role, post-partum care and more. Offered as:

Evening Series
Weekend Intensive

Bed Rest During Pregnancy

This is for expecting mothers who cannot attend classes. It is a package that includes videos and instructional information. This package can be picked up any day at any time. Call 801.268.7422 and we’ll gather the materials for you. The package is $10.

Natural Childbirth Preparation

Designed for moms interested in using alternative methods of pain control; covers anatomy and physiology of childbirth, emotional aspects of giving birth, and comfort measures for labor, birth and recovery. Offered as:

Evening Series
Weekend Intensive

Birthing Classes

Hypnobirthing – The Marie Mongan Method

Prepares a mother-to-be and her birthing partner to use self-hypnosis during the labor and delivery process.

Cesarean Birth

For parents anticipating a surgical birth – includes discussion of events, expectations, and emotions surrounding this birth method.

Sibling Attended Birth Class

Includes a review of what will happen during labor and delivery, a hospital tour, and tips for parents to help their children prepare for being present in the delivery room.

Other Classes

Mother’s Milk – Breast Feeding Class

Provides information on how to start breastfeeding, including nipple preparation, how to get your baby to latch on, and how to deal with common problems.

Baby Steps – Newborn Parenting Class

Topics include basic newborn care, bath demonstration, hospital routines, infant safety and security, CPR demonstration, immunizations, and tips on when to call the doctor.

Baby Sitting Class

Covers the basics do’s and don’t’s of babysitting, bathing and feeding small children, methods for helping an infant when they cry, and more.

Super Siblings

Familiarizes children with infant care, equipment and ways they can help in preparation for adding a new baby to the family.

Join us for a free tour of the Labor & Delivery and post-partum areas of our Women’s Pavilion every Wednesday at 6 p.m. Tours start at the Information Desk in the first floor lobby of the Women’s Pavilion.

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