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Average ER Wait Time
Checking ER Wait Time
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St. Mark's Hospital
Taylorsville Emergency Center

ER Experience

How does an emergency room work?

When you arrive at the emergency room at St. Mark’s Hospital in Salt Lake City, a triage nurse will evaluate you. The purpose of triage is to sort and prioritize patients according to complaint and symptoms presented.

The nurse will ask you a few questions to determine the reason for your visit:

  • What medications are you taking?
  • What allergies do you have?
  • What is the name of your doctor?

The nurse will then:

  • Ask about your medical history
  • Take your vital signs: blood pressure, pulse, respiration and temperature
  • Ask your birth date and/or Social Security number so that the nurse can pre-register your information into the computer
  • Ask you to sign a consent form allowing the ER staff to treat you

You will receive medical attention according to the seriousness of your symptoms, illness, or injury as determined by the triage nurse. After you are assigned to a room in the ER, a nurse and a physician will evaluate you. Registration is completed at the bedside for your comfort and convenience.

If the ER doctor deems it necessary, you will be admitted into the hospital for surgery or for continual observation. We know no one wants to stay at the hospital for long and will do our best to ensure your stay is comfortable and as short as possible.

ER wait times

At St. Mark’s Hospital, we take your care very seriously. As part of our commitment to you and the entire Salt Lake City community, we regularly update our ER wait times online so you can make an informed decision about where to go during a medical emergency. Our ER wait times are based on a rolling average and are for informational purposes.

If you believe you or someone you love is experiencing a life threatening medical emergency, call 911 for immediate medical assistance or go to the closest ER.