For Physicians

For Physicians


St. Mark’s Diabetes Center accepts referrals from any physician for comprehensive, personal diabetes self-management training for patients and their families. View all the services related to our Diabetes Center.

We try to make the referring process simple for you and your office.

  • Download our referral form or call 801-268-7358 and select option 2 to request a faxed version.
  • Complete the form with the patient’s name, phone number, diagnosis, and labs.
  • Fax to our schedulers at 801-268-7902.
  • Our schedulers will contact the patient and arrange the appointment.


The diabetes educator will send the referring physician a summary letter of the education given, along with any other information or recommendations they deem necessary.

Educators are also available to answer simple questions via phone or email.

We are only able to accept patients with a diabetes diagnosis at this time.

Please use the hospital’s Outpatient Dietitian Services (801-268-7046) for non-diabetic patients that need other dietary or weight loss counseling.

Recent Statistics

April 2012 – April 2013
Total New Outpatients 530 (+45 in clinics)
Type 1 121 (23%)
Type 2 270 (51%)
Gestational 100 (19%)
Pre-Diabetes 36 (7%)

We also see an average of 3-4 follow-ups per day and 7 inpatients per week

A1C Data (using 100 patient sample)
Reporting Year 2011 2012 2013
Average Starting A1C 9.0% 8.8% 8.7%
Average Ending A1C 7.6% 7.7% 7.3%
Average Change -1.6% -1.1% -1.3%
Difference for Type 1 & 2 -1.7% for type 2
-1.3% for type 1
-1.3% for type 2
-0.4% for type 1
-1.7% for type 2
-0.5% for type 1