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H2U Wellness Program FAQs

Granite School District believes that:

  • A healthier workforce is a happier workforce.
  • Our employees are worth our investment. You work hard for St. Mark’s Hospital and we want to help care for you.
  • Regardless of your age or health status, the H2U program will provide you with immediate access to tools & resources to support your personal health awareness and goals.

All regular full time employees. If you have any questions, check with the HR Department.

This program is our investment in you. The entire wellness program is provided at no cost.

H2U is a national health and wellness organization dedicated to empowering people to live healthy lives. H2U participants have access to a variety of health awareness and education materials including: a Personal Health Assessment and individual wellness report, access to the latest health news and an online library with over a million pages of health content, animated videos, healthy recipes and as well as coupon savings. Additionally, participants will gain access to H2U's national discount program and a subscription to the H2U online quarterly magazine...benefits exclusively available to H2U participants.

Screening Events

  1. Log onto and enter the access code to begin the registration process.
  2. Follow the prompts to register and create a username and password.
  3. Select Schedule to access the online scheduling tool. Be sure to select your St. Mark's Hospital from the drop down menu.

To receive the discount on your insurance you will need to make an appointment with either your physician or through one of the scheduled events.

No. The entire H2U program is provided at no cost to you.

Most people find they can complete the online health screening in 15 minutes or less. If you choose to have your screenings done at one of our events, it will generally take less than 15 minutes once you have checked in at the registration table.

Your employee ID and health insurance card.

A nine-hour fast is recommended for accurate results. If you have been diagnosed with diabetes, please consult with your physician before fasting. Drinking plenty of water is encouraged in order to stay hydrated for your blood draw. Continue to take any prescription medications.

You will receive your results once you complete the Personal Health Assessment (PHA). Once the PHA is completed, you will have access to a Personal Health Report that will outline your specific results and provide health recommendations. The PHA will become available within two weeks of your blood draw.

Granite School District is offering a $10.00 a month reduction in your health insurance if you complete both the PHA and blood work.

Personal Health Assessment (PHA)

The PHA is a brief and confidential online questionnaire that asks about health status, personal lifestyle habits and health history. Upon completion of the assessment, a personal health report will be generated, which identifies risks for certain conditions and diseases based on national guidelines and provides individual health recommendations.

Follow these steps to access the PHA:

  1. Log on to using your previously created username and password. Select the Complete a PHA link on your Wellness Path.
  2. Once you have completed your PHA, you will have access to the PHA Report. Download your Personal Health Report to review your results and receive healthy recommendations.

The online assessment is currently offered in English and Spanish.

Completion of the PHA takes approximately 10-15 minutes.

No. A valid personal or work email is required to access the PHA. You can sign up for a free email account at

H2U's customer service center is available Monday - Friday, 8:00am - 6:00pm, Central time to assist with login or related questions. Contact H2U at or by calling (800) 771-0428.

All individually identifiable health information from participant screening results and program participation will be kept strictly confidential by those who administer these benefits. St. Mark's Hospital will only have access to de-identified information that is in the form of aggregate (group) reports that show the group's health status in summary.

Both the PHA and blood work need to be completed on a yearly basis to have your monthly insurance rate go down.

Our call center can answer most questions at (800) 771-0428. You can also contact your HR department or St. Mark's Community Outreach (801) 268-7422.

  1. Click onto the “My PHA” link
  2. To the right of the picture you will see four blue links
  3. Click on the “Edit Your Lab Values”