St. Mark's Hospital
April 13, 2015

2014 Healthy Hospital Award

We are proud to announce that our partner, Stryker Sustainability Solutions, has awarded St. Mark's Hospital with the "Healthy Hospital Award" for our outstanding sustainability efforts in 2014.

The Stryker "healthy hospital" designation is reserved for select hospitals that demonstrate exceptional commitment to healthcare sustainability and quality through the employment of medical device remanufacturing and reprocessing programs. In 2014, St. Mark's Hospital diverted more than 20,000 pounds of medical waste from local landfills and realized $743,066 in supply cost savings.

Stryker Sustainability Solutions collects select medical devices from St. Mark's Hospital and reprocess /remanufactures them for safe re-use by following strict FDA guidelines. This strategy enables St. Mark's Hospital to reallocate substantial resources to patient care quality initiatives, which is critical in today’s environment of increasing healthcare costs.

True healthcare sustainability is a long-term effort that St. Mark's Hospital will continuously strive to achieve each year. Reprocessing and remanufacturing programs are just one way the hospital is demonstrating a commitment to quality healthcare.

St. Mark’s Hospital would like to recognize John Mouritsen and Emily Mitchell from the supply chain management department for their leadership efforts in this important initiative.