St. Mark's Hospital
July 26, 2012

St. Mark’s Hospital is opening a brand new Acute Rehabilitation Center, which will focus on patients recuperating from stroke, brain injury, neurological diseases, and other significant disabling events. Whereas the Hospital formerly sent these patients to outside rehabilitation facilities for treatment, the addition of the Acute Rehabilitation Center will now increase and improve the St. Mark’s continuum of care for its patients.

The Acute Rehabilitation Center is housed on the ground floor of the St. Mark’s main hospital building. The facility is equipped with 14 patient beds, a large therapy gym, and a dining area. In this intensive therapy program, patients will receive, on average, three hours of therapy, six days a week. A patient’s average length of stay is anticipated to be 16-17 days.

Staffed with a medical director, various therapists and nurses, the Acute Rehabilitation Center is anticipated to treat nine patients daily, on average. This new addition will increase the level of care St. Mark’s is able to provide to the community. It will make the transition to rehabilitation and overall hospital experience better for patients.

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