St. Mark's Hospital - February 12, 2017

In response to your requests, the following enhancements have been implemented in Epic:

  • Stroke Alert Order Set: Updated to reflect current guidelines (access order set by typing 'Stroke Alert' or 'Purple' into the search box).
  • Prior Admission Date in Header: If patient has been admitted within the past 30 days, the date of the prior admission will appear in the header.
  • Infection/Isolation Best Practice Alert (BPA): Updated to allow more accurate response options
  • Medication Reconciliation: Meds that have not been reviewed will be highlighted in yellow to make them stand out
  • Fever/Antibiotic Report: Has been defaulted into the Patient Summary Reports for Anesthesiologists
  • Statin Prescribing Quality Measure for LDL: Reason for not prescribing a statin at discharge for appropriate patients has been updated to reflect LDL < 70 mg/dL (instead of <100 mg/dL)
  • Imaging Contrast Order Sets: Updated for Radiology staff

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