St. Mark's Hospital - July 01, 2017

Dr. James Carlisle, Dr. David Strain, and Dr. Peter Hathaway, interventional radiologists with Utah Imaging Associates at St. Mark’s Hospital, are implementing automatic pre-intervention consultation for requests to schedule percutaneous biopsies. This program is anticipated to reduce the need to reschedule patients for clinical reasons after arrival for the procedure.

Practitioners requesting IR biopsies via Centralized Scheduling (801) 268-7900 or via the MountainStar Access Center (the “Transfer Center” – Physician Direct Line (844) 665-1495) should be transferred to Erin Thompson, radiologist concierge, at (801) 268-7290. Erin will capture patient demographics for the interventional radiologist, who will call the ordering practitioner within 24-hours to provide consultation and collaboratively establish the plan of care. The telephone consultation will assure mutual understanding of the indications for biopsy and determine the need for clinical interventions, such as coagulation management, prior to the biopsy.

Planning is in progress to add additional radiology concierge resources to assist in the scheduling of complex imaging procedures.

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