St. Mark's Hospital - July 01, 2017

The chairs of our medical staff departments are key to patient safety and clinical outcomes by:

  • Developing and promoting clinical standards of care
  • Implementing evidence-based practices within their departments
  • Escalating the concerns and clinical needs of their department members, then collaboratively building systems that address those concerns and needs
  • Carefully evaluating the qualifications and competence of applicants for clinical privileges
  • Collaboratively and constructively addressing gaps in individual clinical knowledge, professionalism, judgment
  • Acting collaboratively as a member of the Medical Executive Committee in overseeing the quality of care, treatment and services provided by practitioners with clinical privileges

The following physicians chair departments of the medical staff or divisions within those departments:

  • Anesthesia – Isaac Morris MD
  • Emergency Medicine – David Eller MD
  • Obstetrics & Gynecology – Gordon Park MD
  • Pathology – Catherine Bowles MD
  • Pediatrics – Ellie Brownstein MD
  • Radiology – Maryellyn Gilfeather MD
  • Surgery – Peter Fisher MD
    • Ophthalmology Division – Gregory Christiansen MD
    • Orthopedic Division – Michael Bourne MD
    • Podiatry Division – Christiaan Goebel DPM

The following departments do not have a current chair:

  • Medicine
  • Cardiovascular Medicine & Surgery (New Department)

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