St. Mark's Hospital - May 11, 2017

On April 10, 2017, Eddie Decker RN MHA was appointed as St. Mark’s Hospital’s new Patient Safety Director as part of HCA’s Clinical Safety Improvement Program (CSIP). Mr. Decker is charged with strengthening our culture of patient safety and building the supporting structure and systems essential to high reliability and safe care. His focus will be to:

  • Design and deploy reliable systems that:
    • Prevent the occurrence of errors
    • Detect errors before they are passed on to the next process step
    • Reduce the impact of errors
  • Foster a robust patient safety culture
  • Educate medical staff, hospital staff and house staff in the core elements of patient safety
  • Engage medical staff, clinical and executive leaders in promoting and building the requisite infrastructure to enhance patient safety
  • Engage patients and families in patient safety
  • Measure and reduce the incidence of preventable harm

Prior to this appointment, Mr. Decker served as St. Mark’s Manager of Patient Safety, Quality, and Risk after working for 6 years at the University of Utah Medical Center. He is an experienced critical care, psychiatric, and medical-surgical nurse who has engaged in multiple patient safety performance improvement efforts. He holds degrees in Exercise Science (BS), Nursing (BS), and Healthcare Administration (MHA). To contact Mr. Decker, call (801) 268-7199 or email

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