St. Mark's Hospital - May 11, 2017

You, as a member of the Medical Staff can collaborate in infection prevention by:

  • Strict attention to hand hygiene when entering and exiting every patient room.
  • Use of ChloraPrep (chlorhexidine / alcohol) prep for surgical procedures, instead of povidone iodine (Betadyne), because ChloraPrep results in the most sustained reduction of skin organisms.
  • Timely pre-operative ordering of MRSA/MSSA screening.
  • Minimizing unnecessary people traffic in operating rooms.
  • Using surgical antibiotic prophylaxis best practices for antibiotic spectrum and duration.

Hospital staff can collaborate in infection prevention by:

  • Strict attention to standards of equipment disinfection, with particular attention to endoscopes.
  • Replacing colored tape identification of surgical instruments with dipped plastic identification.
  • Strict attention to standard handwashing methods on entry and exit from any patient room.
  • Minimizing touch of surfaces in empty patient rooms that have been previously cleaned.

Covering all garbage bins in infection-sensitive areas, such as operating rooms, and during transport through the hospital.

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