St. Mark's Hospital - February 28, 2019

Looking to satisfy your candy cravings with something tasty and good for you?

Try a handful of nature's guilt-free treats: dried plums. Research shows that they promote both heart and bone health.

Buff bones

A laboratory study of the polyphenols in prunes showed that they boosted bone formation, density, and strength. How? By affecting the way certain bone-regulating gene cells are expressed.

A plum choice for your heart

Results from animal studies suggest that dried plums can help keep arteries clear. Researchers suspect that prune flavonoids help reduce the inflammation that plays a big role in artery disease.

Big benefits, little package

If that isn't enough motivation to pick up a pack of prunes, consider this: Just 10 prunes deliver 20 percent of your daily potassium and copper requirements, 14 percent of your iron requirements and 10 percent of your manganese and zinc requirements. Prunes also provide a whopping dose of the essential vitamins A, C, E, and B-complex, including folate. And we all know that prunes are a super source of fiber.

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