St. Mark's Hospital - October 22, 2018
by Ralph Costanzo, MD

Ralph Costanzo, MD

Welcome to the latest edition of the St. Mark’s Medical Staff Newsletter! I, Ralph Costanzo, as your Chief Medical Officer (CMO) and colleague, and on behalf of administration, feel thrilled to revamp this important communication tool. The newly formatted electronic editions will be published quarterly and will cover important topics, ranging from quality initiatives to hospital strategy. Have ideas for topics to cover in future issues? Please contact me or Rachel Smith.

It has been a whirlwind five months since my wife Sheryl and I arrived from Anchorage to join the staff at St. Mark’s Hospital. As I look back, I am proud of what we accomplished together as an organization in this short time period. My condensed list includes:

  • Adoption of a new peer review policy and format that focuses on provider education and collaboration.
  • Successful passage of the Joint Commission Accreditation process.
  • Reorganization of the Quality team, with the addition of Deb Widmer as our new Quality Director; and an increased focus on daily unit rounding and joint commission readiness.
  • Revision of the morning leadership huddle, with an emphasis on care quality and patient safety initiatives.
  • Revision of the supply/materials management process (SMAT) to include the voice of providers and staff in the decision making process

These are just some of the more significant projects but many more exist, and I would like to personally thank those who stepped into leadership roles to help move them forward. I hope many more will choose to join us over the coming months and years as we continue the exciting journey towards making St. Mark’s Hospital the preferred destination for patients, families and staff.

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