St. Mark's Hospital - July 05, 2019
by Nicki Roderman, DNP, RN, CCRN-K, CNRN

Patient experience

According to the CMS Hospital Compare website, St. Mark's hospital lags behind the University of Utah and Intermountain Health Care for patient engagement. The reported overall rating of the hospital was 82%, 76% and 69% respectively. For 2019, we are working with our nursing staff to enhance communication with the patient. Looking at our historical data, communication with nurses has been below the 50th percentile. Our nurses should be completing shift hand-off at the bedside and including the patient on the conversation. This includes listening to the patient, explaining in a way he or she can understand, and taking a moment to connect with the patient. Patients expect to be taken care of but need to be felt cared for. We are asking our providers to focus on communication as well. If everyone who interacts with a patient does these three steps every time, our patient satisfaction should improve.

Additionally, nurse leaders are rounding on the patients daily to ensure our patients' needs are being met. It is also an opportunity to harvest recognition for our staff who exceed expectations. Please help us raise patient satisfaction above the 75th percentile.

RN turnover

As I began my role at St. Mark's Hospital at the beginning of this year, it was very clear to me that the number one priority for my role was to reduce RN turnover. Despite the high cost of turnover, the lack of continuity of care and need for constant training has a profound impact on quality of care provided and patient safety. The average RN turnover for 2018 was 25% compared to the national average of 17%. Turnover among nurses employed for less than one year was 29%.

We set a goal at the beginning of the year to get to less than 17% RN turnover for this year. The primary focus areas include hiring for fit, structured program for our new graduate nurses that lasts one year, and excellent training. This takes dedication by our nurse leaders, preceptors, and educators. Through May, we have seen a decrease in both RN and first year RN rolling 12-month turnover. Year-to-date, we have hired 78 RNs and lost 30 RNs. We are finally hiring more than we are losing! We will continue to focus on our employees and ensure they receive ongoing coaching and training. We fully intend to exceed our goal by the end of this year!