St. Mark's Hospital - July 05, 2019
by Sean Patterson, COO

Hard to believe, but we're already more than halfway done for the year. St. Mark's is doing well in terms of growth and volume. With an increase in volume comes capital funding support to grow and renovate the facility. I have two exciting updates to give you:

  1. Construction Project - July 2019 - December 2020
    1. Beginning this month, we will see a new construction project impact several areas of our facility. Over the next eight months we will be renovating the MSP unit in the Women's Pavilion. Half of the unit will be closed at a time to keep the unit functional and still able to accept patients. The first four months one half will be closed, and the latter four months the other half will be closed. The renovations will upgrade casework, counters, flooring, paint and the bathrooms.
    2. Around September of this year, work will begin in the OR to add an additional operating room, and expand the Sterile Processing Department. This additional room will allow for incremental surgical volume and provide us with a dedicated room for a trauma block at the start of every day to accommodate any trauma patients that come in overnight. We will also construct a "shell" room that we will eventually convert to one more operating room as volume grows.
    3. Once the renovations in MSP are complete, work will begin on our 5 South nursing unit. This will be an extensive remodel that will update the aesthetics, and more importantly, the room sizes. This phase of the construction project will take approximately 6 months to complete.
  2. Major Equipment Update
  3. We are also pleased to announce that over the past 6 months we've received approval for the following major pieces of equipment that we have begun to install in the facility:

    • 256-Slice CT (complete with a Cardiac Imaging package)
    • 1.5T MRI
    • Updated Nuclear Medicine room

    These upgrades will help with bandwidth, wait times, and better images. However, please note that this new equipment is REPLACING outdated equipment. This means that during the construction and installation to accommodate this new equipment, we will be operating with only one CT and one MRI. We anticipate the construction to last 8-10 weeks, and will begin this work on July 29th. Our Imaging Director, Tonna St. Thomas, has been working closely with her team and administration and we have a plan for how to accommodate our growing volume despite having one CT and MRI for this timeframe. We will be meeting with the physicians impacted by these projects to ensure they are on the same page.

Thank you, as always, for your continued support of St. Mark's Hospital. These two major updates come from over $20 Million of invested capital from the company, and is a testament to the hard work we have all done to ensure that above all else, we are committed to the care and improvement of human life.