St. Mark's Hospital - November 01, 2018

Dr. Vamsee Yaganti

Dr. Vamsee Yaganti: Innovator in Healthcare

It takes extreme passion and dedication for a physician to become board-certified in six specialties. Dr. Vamsee Yaganti, interventional cardiologist at St. Mark’s Hospital, has earned board-certification in cardiology, internal medicine, interventional cardiology, nuclear cardiology, echocardiography and RPVI. He also received intense training in structural heart disease. But what’s really extreme – as in, extremely impressive and life-altering for patients – is what Dr. Yaganti does with his extensive training.

During the past two years, Dr. Yaganti has introduced and strengthened cutting-edge interventional cardiology procedures at St. Mark’s. He provides hope and saves lives for patients who may not have had healthcare options prior to these new techniques.

Here are four innovative procedures Dr. Yaganti has recently initiated and/or influenced:

  1. Watchman: More than 5 million U.S. residents suffer from atrial fibrillation (a-fib); and by 2050 that number will skyrocket to 12 million. People with a-fib usually take blood thinners to reduce stroke risks, but blood thinners create high risks for bleeding and aren’t ideal for people who frequently fall or who participate in highly-physical activities. To enable these patients to discontinue blood thinners permanently, Dr. Yaganti performs a left atrial appendage closure procedure. Using the new, groundbreaking Watchman device (the only on-the-market device of its kind), he closes a small pouch attached to the top left chamber of the heart, thus dramatically reducing stroke risks and the need for blood thinners.
  2. MitraClip: When the heart’s mitral valve fails to close properly, blood can leak back into the left top chamber of the heart and burden the heart and lungs. The traditional treatment for mitral regurgitation is open heart surgery, but for patients high risk (unsuitable) for surgery due to advanced age, frailty or other factors, Dr. Yaganti performs a minimally invasive procedure using the MitraClip. By entering a vein in the groin, Dr. Yaganti carefully implants the MitraClip device and eliminates the leak.
  3. TAVR: Although our Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement (TAVR) program existed prior to Dr. Yaganti’s St. Mark’s arrival, his expertise enables more complex and high risk patients to receive this life-saving technique. During TAVR procedures, interventional cardiologists replace the aortic valve using minimally invasive methods, thus avoiding open heart surgery.
  4. Valve-in-valve procedures: This intricate procedure helps patients who have endured aortic or mitral valve replacement, but overtime their artificial valve degenerated or failed. This procedure replaces a valve within a valve while using minimally invasive techniques. Mitral valve-in-valve is an uncommon and complex procedure which is performed by a selected few large medical institutions in the country, but Dr. Yaganti makes them available within our community hospital!

Dr. Yaganti’s innovation breaks ground and heals hearts! Just this week Dr. Yaganti became Utah’s first interventional cardiologist to use a new minimally invasive technique during a TAVR procedure that avoided cutting down an artery. The patient evaded multiple stitches, days of recovery, and chances of infection and bleeding – instead, he only had one Band-Aid on the right shoulder!

Hospital Corporation of America (HCA) manages 178 hospitals worldwide. Because of Dr. Yaganti, St. Mark’s is one of the only 10 hospitals performing a triple-combination of TAVRS, MitraClip and Watchman procedures

Focused on foundations. Although Dr. Yaganti uses innovative techniques to dramatic improve lives in just a matter of minutes, he’s equally focused on teaching patients longstanding, foundational truths of prevention. Coronary heart disease remains the No. 1 cause of mortality in our country. Fully recognizing that knowledge is power, Dr. Yaganti invests in teaching patients lifestyle modifications and helping them develop personalized plans for success.

Indeed, knowledge is power, and Dr. Yaganti dedicates his to healing others’ hearts. He’s a healthcare hero!

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