St. Mark's Hospital - February 06, 2019

On January 9, 2019, St. Mark’s Hospital received Joint Commission’s Gold Seal of Approval for Advanced Certification in Diabetes Care. As the only certified facility in the State of Utah, and one of only 85 certified facilities across the nation, this prestigious certification recognizes our commitment to changing the culture of how we approach patients with diabetes.

Attained with a tremendous effort from our Diabetes Medical Director, Jim Chamberlain, MD, diabetes educators, nursing staff, IT&S, pharmacy, administration, case management and many others, this certification required the facility departments to come together as a team to look at how we care for our patients with diabetes. The Diabetes Committee worked to implement new protocols and make resources available to help all of St. Mark’s staff support patients with diabetes:

  • Hemoglobin A1C on every patient with diabetes – If an A1C hasn’t been drawn within 3 months, nursing, case managers and providers will work together to get a new A1C value
  • Best Practice Advisory implemented for Diabetes Educator consult: A1C>8%, new diabetes diagnosis, patient on insulin pump, DKA, glucose levels >300 mg/dl
  • Insulin Pump Management and Patient Own Insulin Pump Policy
  • Glucose Management Order sets
    • Insulin Infusion order set protocol
    • DKA Insulin infusion order set protocol
    • Basal Bolus Insulin order sets
    • Cardiovascular Insulin Infusion order set
  • Plans for treatment of hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia
  • Including “Endocrine Dysfunction/Diabetes” into Nursing Care Plan and the Active Problem List
  • Pharmacist Managed Glycemic Control Protocol: pharmacists to daily adjust insulin to achieve glucose targets
  • Patient education on self-management of diabetes

St. Mark’s would like to thank Dr. Chamberlain for being a passionate champion for our patients with diabetes. He has helped improve the care of diabetes in our cardiovascular patient population, supported implementation of Pharmacy Consult for Managed Insulin Dosing and was critical in helping to attain Joint Commission Advanced Inpatient Diabetes Certification.

In addition, our sincere appreciation goes out to our Diabetes Program Coordinator/Educator Jennifer Miller, RN, BSN, CDE along with our diabetes educators, Emily Gilgen, RD, CDE and Melanie Steere, RD, CD who have worked tirelessly to help St. Mark’s to attain this certification.

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