St. Mark's Hospital - November 01, 2017

In May 2017, St. Mark’s Hospital established new restrictions and requirements for observers in clinical areas. Under the new policy, only licensed physicians, licensed advanced practice professionals, and other licensed clinicians are permitted as observers under the new policy. Each individual proposing to observe must apply online and be approved in advance of the anticipated date of observation. Same day processing is not offered.

“Students” are not within the scope of this new hospital policy. A student may observe clinical care only when acting under an existing affiliation agreement with an educational institution for a formal education program. Such agreements are not intended for ad hoc observation experiences.

Under this new policy, a medical student, college student, or high school student proposing to observe outside the scope of a written affiliation agreement will not be permitted to observe patient care at St. Mark’s Hospital.

What will happen if a non-approved individual presents to observe? The request to observe will be declined. Qualified individuals will be guided to the web application portal.

Not every student from a local college or university falls within the scope of a current affiliation agreement. If you have questions, please call Laura Jones or Jennifer Teerlink in Education Services.

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