St. Mark's Hospital - October 22, 2018
by John Noseworthy, James Madara, Delos Cosgrove, Mitchell Edgeworth, Ed Ellison, Sarah Krevans, Paul Rothman, Kevin Sowers, Steven Strongwater, David Torchiana, and Dean Harrison

Recently, I came across an article discussing the increasing prevalence of physician burnout in the U.S. As regulations mount, intrusions increase in workflow, and providers often feel pressured to meet productivity metrics, while caregiver dissatisfaction and disengagement rates climb. Although hospital administers are often unable to completely mitigate these stressors, our St. Mark’s administrators commit to helping identify areas of inefficiency that we can work together to improve or eliminate. If you identify significant workflow hurdles or concerns, please reach out to a hospital administrator.

Mark Robinson, our CEO, has set the tone that an Administration team member will be present at the majority of our staff meetings. Those gatherings host excellent opportunities to bring concerns to the forefront. Of course, we are on a journey that requires patience, fortitude and teamwork, but if we work together and keep the patient at the center of all we do, I am confident we can drive meaningful improvement and hopefully increase our team’s sense of engagement and personal satisfaction as we care for patients.

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