St. Mark's Hospital - November 01, 2017

We currently have 12 open research studies at St. Mark’s involving eight principal investigators. As long as the necessary resources are available, St. Mark’s supports the following categories of research:

  • Strategic Studies: required to address strategic priorities, accreditation & certification requirements
  • Clinically indicated studies: required to address a specific clinical problem for a patient or patient class
    • Oncology protocols
    • TS102, TS103
    • Humanitarian devices
    • Orphan drugs & biologicals
  • HCA-Sponsored Studies:
    • Sarah Cannon Institute
      • Example: Intuity valve pilot
    • GME Scholarly Activity
      • Example: studies supporting our residency & fellowship programs
        • Family Practice
        • Colon & Rectal Surgery
  • Passive Studies:
    • Data Use: relevant to the needs of our patients or the hospital, to the extent our support resources allow
    • Collection of Specimens: for which the collection cost is reimbursed.

Due to the limitations of our resources to support research, at this time our Research Committee does not generally approve new studies outside the above categories.

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