St. Mark's Hospital - January 24, 2018

Upgrade to Epic 2017 in February

We are on track to upgrade our electronic medical record to Epic 2017 in February. This upgrade will make the following enhancements for medical staff:

  • Admit Patients Before Writing H&P Interval Notes
    • Patients must now be admitted for the H&P interval note to be entered. This is a mandatory change for CMS compliance.
  • Edit Shared Lists
    • Users can decide which Shared Patient Lists appear in their Shared Patient List Folder.
    • To edit or remove the Shared Patient List from your folder, right-click the list & select Manage Shared List.
  • Edit Procedure and Consult Notes from InBasket
    • Users can edit & sign incomplete procedure and consult notes from My Incomplete Notes in InBasket.
  • Documenting Hospital Course
    • A Hospital Course section has been added to the Discharge Navigator. Create a new Hospital Course Note and update it during daily rounding workflows.
    • The Hospital Course Note can be pulled into the Discharge Summary
  • AVS Filters Out Discontinued Medications
    • The AVS now only shows medications selected in the Reconcile Medications for Discharge Navigator section. Medications from the Admission Navigator will not show.

If you have questions or suggestions for improvement, please contact Ryan Howell, St. Mark’s Director of Advanced Clinical Applications (DAC).

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