St. Mark's Hospital - November 01, 2017

As part of our efforts to reduce hospital-acquired Clostridia difficile infection, in November 2016 we introduced Xenex ltraviolet light disinfection as an adjunct to room cleaning. Since April 2017, Xenex disinfection has been used nightly for all operating rooms and 85% of all inpatient rooms on 3-West at discharge or transfer.

In a recent Mayo Clinic study, previous Xenex room disinfection was associated with a 39% reduction from baseline in hospital-acquired Clostridia difficile infection vs. a 43% increase in incidence among patients located in non-Xenex-treated inpatient rooms (control group).

In 2017 our hospital-onset C. diff rates are significantly reduced across all units, representing a year-to-date reduction of 19%.

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