Inpatient Registration Information

Your physician will indicate to the hospital the type of service you need – inpatient or outpatient.

Surgical Admissions

Through the hospital OR. Patient information obtained from physician’s office.

Call 801.268.7341
or report to Main Registration in the hospital lobby.

Pre–Admission Nurse:
All surgical procedures require a visit with the pre–admission nurse. This must occur within seven days prior to the procedure. The nurse reviews medical history with the patient, discusses the procedure being performed and any preparations the patient should make. Any necessary pre–operative tests will be done at this time.

Day Before Service:
Ambulatory Care Unit (ACU) staff calls the patient the day before service to inform them of the time they should arrive at the hospital.

Day Of Service:
Patients report to ACU (ground floor, west wall of main hospital).

Maternity Admissions

Forms for patient pre–registration are available through our main Registration Department or through the patient’s OB/GYN office. These forms gather basic demographic and insurance information for registration completion and insurance verification.

Pre–Registration forms should be completed at the beginning of the second trimester or at the time you select St. Mark’s Hospital for your delivery. Completed forms can be mailed into the facility or dropped at our Main Registration office. Call 801.268.7341.

Date of service:
When delivery date arrives, report directly to our Labor & Delivery floor (first floor of the Women’s Pavilion – enter through the main Pavilion entrance or through the elevator in the Pavilion parking garage). Bedside registration is now available so that a family member or spouse can verify demographic information and complete the required consents without leaving the delivery room.