Worship services

The Chapel of the Good Shepherd is located next to the lobby inside the Main Entrance of St. Mark's Hospital. Two regularly scheduled worship services are held in the Chapel of the Good Shepherd each week. Holy Communion is served on Wednesdays at 11:15 a.m; LDS Sacrament Meeting is held on Sundays at 1:00 p.m.. Both services are open to all who want to attend. While the Chapel of the Good Shepherd is rooted in the Christian tradition, it is a multi-faith sacred space where all are welcome to seek sanctuary and solace.

Spiritual and emotional support

Chaplains address the spiritual and emotional dimensions of suffering by providing a listening ear, a non-anxious spiritual presence and profound respect for story. Chaplains provide spiritual care to people of all faiths and people of no faith. Their goal is to support each patient with spiritual resources appropriate to the individual. Clinical pastoral education helps spiritual care-givers provide a safe, competent, culturally sensitive sanctuary; a spiritual presence that willingly explores the various emotional and spiritual crises that individuals and families experience.

Crisis intervention

When patients and families find themselves in the midst of an unexpected crisis, chaplains are called on to provide spiritual and emotional support. While the medical staff work with a patient, chaplains facilitate communication between medical staff and families. Chaplains are clinically trained to be a non-anxious, non-judgmental presence for all involved in crisis situations.

Spiritual resources

Faith traditions rely on different resources for guidance, devotion and understanding. The Pastoral Care Center at St. Mark's Hospital supports these faith traditions by having a wide variety of spiritual resources available for patients, families and staff members. 

Dial “00” on any hospital phone to have a chaplain paged any time day or night.

Advance healthcare directive

It is crucial that each person has an up-to-date Advance Healthcare Directive. Your Spiritual Care staff is trained to walk you through these important documents and will witness your signature.

An Advance Healthcare Directive is commonly known as a living will. It is used to officially document your wishes regarding medical care towards the end of life with resuscitation, certain treatment options, organ donation and more. The Advance Directive allows you to name a healthcare agent who would make medical decisions on your behalf in the event that you are unable due to medical complications such as unconsciousness or terminal illness. Ask a Chaplain today about this important document.

Blessing of the hands

Every spring during Hospital Week, the Pastoral Care Center at St. Mark’s Hospital gathers a multi-faith group of spiritual leaders. Hospital employees, patients and guests are invited to have their hands blessed by as many faith leaders as they would like

Each spiritual leader prays according to her or his own faith tradition, invoking and inviting the Holy to bless the work of the hands of each employee. This is a day of healing for the healers. During this event, we recognize caregivers and many others for all that they do to promote healing and provide comfort for patients throughout the year. We also recognize the importance of an on-going commitment at St. Mark’s Hospital; to honor the role of compassion and spirituality in the healing process for patients and family members as well as for hospital staff.

"May our hands be connected to the Holy and one another. May our compassion for each other be enlarged. May we bring healing to our patients and their families through our strong and gentle care." -Anonymous