Prostatic Urethral Lift (UroLift™ implant, FDA -approved 9/2013)

In this efficient and well-tolerated office procedure small devices are placed which hold the lobes of the prostate apart, thereby opening the obstructed urethra. Typically no catheter is required and recovery is quick. The implants can easily be removed in the rare case that surgery is later required. In a head to head trial against TURP surgery, UroLift™ patients recover faster, and with greater satisfaction, and have identical quality of life scores as TURP patients a year after treatment. No sexual side effects have been reported.

Transurethral Vapor Therapy (Rezum™, FDA-approved 9/2015)

In this office procedure steam is injected into the prostate tissue. After a period of prostate swelling (requiring a catheter) the urethra opens. No sexual side effects have been reported.