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It’s obvious to many people who have lived with severe obesity for years that the disease has a negative impact on quality of life. Because of severe obesity, you may choose not to participate in certain activities, including those activities that can improve your health. You may also feel that you have limited career choices.

What you may not know is that morbid obesity has been found to affect the quality of your health and the length of your life.

Morbid obesity has been linked to several serious and life-threatening diseases, such as Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, acid reflux/GERD, and cancer.   Some of these conditions develop over time; others emerge quickly.  In fact, you may have one or more of these conditions without even realizing it. 

Bariatric surgery can offer you a whole new outlook on health.  Consider this information:

  • One study found that gastric bypass surgery reduced the total number of associated medical conditions of participating patients by 96%
  • Gastric bypass resolved Type 2 diabetes in nearly 90% of patients
  • Gastric band surgery resolved Type 2 diabetes in 73% of patients
  • Cut risk of developing coronary heart disease in half
  • Resolved obstructive sleep apnea in more than 85% of patients
  • Life expectancy improved by as much as 89%
  • Reduced risk of premature death by as much as 30 - 40%
  • Risk of death from diabetes- down 92%, from cancer- down 60% and from coronary artery disease- down 56%

Source: Metabolic Bariatric Surgery Overview