A personalized breast screening plan just for you

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Welcome to the Breast Risk Assessment (BRA) Initiative at St. Mark’s Hospital Women’s Diagnostic Center. The BRA Initiative provides personalized breast cancer screening plans for women.

If you have found yourself confused about when and how often to undergo screening mammograms, you are not alone. There are currently conflicting recommendations by key medical groups on when average risk women should undergo screening mammograms, creating confusion among women and the medical community. St. Mark’s created the BRA Initiative to help women understand their own risk for breast cancer and to help reduce the confusion through education and shared decision making.

The BRA Initiative is designed for women around 40 who have not yet begun regular screening mammograms. Women who have a BRA consultation create a personalized breast screening plan based on their individual breast cancer risk and their personal preferences for screening.

In a life full of unknowns, St. Mark’s Hospital Women’s Diagnostic Center is empowering women to know their risk and develop a personalized breast cancer screening plan.

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For more information or to schedule your BRA appointment, call (801) 268-7900.