Surgery is often used as a treatment for cancer. It may be done as a first–line treatment, or your doctor may recommend surgery after chemotherapy and/or radiation therapy has reduced the size of any operable tumors.

Most often surgery is employed when physicians need to inspect areas inside the chest or abdomen. Doctors are able to get a first–hand look at the areas in question, and biopsies can then be taken from any suspected tumors and from nearby tissues.

You’re in good hands when you have surgery here at St. Mark’s Hospital. Our expert surgeons and support staff, state–of–the–art facilities, and safety–focused programs combine the best of technology with a healing touch to promote your health.

The accredited anesthesiologists, nurses, technicians and surgeons are leaders in their respective fields, and are continually training and advancing their education to be the most skilled and knowledgeable they can be. At St. Mark’s Hospital, we pride ourselves in being at the forefront of all types of medicine, and surgery is no exception.

And rest assured, most surgical procedures don’t require lengthy hospital stays. In fact, many require no overnight stay at all (often called “day,” “outpatient” or “same–day” surgeries). If, however, you are staying more than one night after surgery, yours will be an “inpatient” surgery.

No matter how long you stay, or what type of surgery you have at St. Mark’s Hospital, you can be certain that you'll receive the best medical attention possible.