St. Mark's ER

1200 E 3900 S
Salt Lake City, Utah 84124
Phone: (801) 268-7129

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St. Mark's is Designated as a Level III Trauma Center

St. Mark's recently achieved designation as a Level III Trauma Center as verified by the Utah Department of Health. St. Mark's is now better equipped to serve our local communities in need of advanced care for injured patients. With this designation, our hospital has become a more integral part of Utah's specialty trauma care system, a coordinated approach to reducing unnecessary disabilities and deaths from traumatic injuries through cooperation of all healthcare providers statewide.

Fast Access to Specialized Treatment

People who are severely injured need fast access to specialized treatment, resources and equipment to prevent death and/or permanent disabilities. In fact, CDC-supported research demonstrated a 25 percent reduction in deaths when patients with serious injuries are quickly transported and treated at a trauma center. For this reason, the trauma care experts at St. Mark's Hospital work closely with their partners in the field, emergency medical service providers, to deliver coordinated,specialized treatment to patients who need Level III care.

Our Trauma Team

St. Mark's trauma team worked closely with the Utah Department of Health, Bureau of Emergency Medical Services to satisfy every component outlined by the state as essential or desirable for a Level III Trauma Center. Now, experienced specialists and the resources critical to ensuring rapid respond times in the emergency department while delivering quality trauma care are in place at St. Mark's.