When it comes to your brain or your spine, the smart choice is St. Mark’s Hospital. The best neurosurgeons in the region blend advanced science, skill and training to make sure our patients have the best possible chances for positive results.

There’s no substitute for a quick, accurate diagnosis, so we arm doctors with the most sophisticated imaging tools available, allowing them to locate damaged brain or spinal tissue quickly.

And as with the rest of our surgical services, our commitment to ensuring patients receive the best of today’s fast-paced technological advancement doesn’t end with diagnostics.

Neurosurgeons at St. Mark’s Hospital use the state-of-the art StealthStation Navigation that allow them to precisely track their surgical instruments in relation to patient anatomy, even as that anatomy is moving and shifting. The system uses a high-resolution widescreen monitor that gives surgeons a vivid view of navigation images.

The StealthStation Navigation reduces risk and hastens recovery, and sets St. Mark’s Hospital apart as the regional leader in our approach to neurological surgeries. This technology places us beyond the current technological capabilities of all hospitals in the area.

The elite neurologists and neurosurgeons are just as exceptional as the equipment they use. At St. Mark’s Hospital we take special pride in their combination of education, experience and compassion.