The goal of the nutrition evaluation is to provide you with information about weight loss surgery and what to expect after surgery. Weight loss surgery is a tool and you will need to commit to lifestyle changes to find long term weight loss success. Our dietitians will help you learn:

  • how your diet will change after surgery
  • how to meet protein and fluid requirements
  • which vitamin and mineral supplementations you will need to take lifelong
  • how to change your eating behaviors
  • behaviors to help you find long-term weight loss success

During nutrition screening, you will complete a weight and diet history questionnaires in which will give us information regarding your previous attempts at weight loss. Such attempts may include a supervised weight loss and exercise program and/or the use of popular diets. Remember there is no right or wrong answers.

Here is what the dietitian is looking for:

  • Your medical history and lifestyle assessment
  • Your weight loss/gain history and current eating habits
  • Your exercise habits
  • Your understanding of the surgery
  • Your understanding of the lifestyle changes needed for post-surgery
  • Your willingness to be compliant with these changes

The nutrition evaluation is often required by your insurance company to help you get through the preapproval process for weight loss surgery. The dietitian can also assist with any supervised diets that may be required by your insurance company.