Healing Therapy Services

Rehabilitation services are designed to help hospital patients through the recovery process with physical, occupational, speech and recreational therapy services at St. Mark’s Hospital in Salt Lake City. Our staff provides support to patients 14 years and older, adults and seniors through recognized standards of care, practice, guidelines and licensure.

Physical and occupational therapy evaluation and treatment entail the care of individuals with functional disabilities secondary to pain and/or instability through the use of modalities, therapeutic exercises, mobilization and education.

Speech pathology entitles the care of individuals with neurological deficits that may affect speech, language, cognition and/or swallowing abnormalities.

Recreational therapy includes activities that encourage the restoration of independent activities and the resumption of leisure skills that are suited to the needs and interests of the patient.

Other Services Offered:

When Do Patients Need Rehabilitation?

  • Patients recovering from joint replacement or surgically repaired fractures needing rehabilitative services
  • Patients recovering from cardio–pulmonary surgeries and/or abnormalities that have reduced strength, stamina and independence
  • Patients recovering from neurological deficits, including but not limited to: CVA, ALS, MS, Parkinson’s disease, dementia, TBI, CHI, cardiac/respiratory arrest or failure, Huntington’s Chorea, head and neck cancer, myasthenia gravis, COPD, CHF and pneumonia
  • Patients who have chronic pain or long–term stays related to, but not limited to, cancer and lengthy respiratory problems; recreational therapy can enhance leisure opportunities and resources to improve rehabilitation goals and aid in psycho–social growth and well–being
  • Patients who have compromised nutrition resulting from dysphasia and/or medical conditions that may result in the need for central feeding or compromised nutritional and hydration intake

Patients with complication from diabetes and/or paralysis who have chronic skin breakdown may be assisted by physical therapy, in conjunction with nursing staff, for non–invasive and invasive debridement and wound care

Women's Physical Therapy Services

We specialize in creating personalized rehabilitation plans for women.