Robotic-assisted Spinal Fusions

This robotic system provides one of the most advanced option for patients needing spine surgery. It optimizes patient care by combining the benefits of navigation and robotic guidance into one technology.

The FDA approved this navigating surgical robot to assist physicians in placing screws during minimally invasive lumbar, thoracic and cervical spinal fusions. So, patients who endure traumatic spinal injuries, or those suffering from spinal instability due to conditions like scoliosis or spondylolisthesis, can greatly benefit from the robot’s precision during spinal screw placement.

St. Mark’s is the first community hospital in the world to utilize this robot that precisely locates anatomical structures so surgeons can place spinal and orthopedic bone screws with the highest degree of accuracy

This unique robotic system also features an integrated navigation platform, which seamlessly combines real-time X-rays taken during the surgery with pre-operative C/T scans and fluoroscopic images. That combination provides a 3D view and the most accurate guidance so that surgeons can precisely place spinal and orthopedic bone screws. The technology also significantly reduces patient radiation exposure due to minimal scanning requirements.

Through a combination of innovative technologies, cutting-edge medical knowledge, and its medical staff’s sincere dedication to patients, St. Mark’s remains a leading provider of quality healthcare services in Utah.