If your physician has recommended a surgical procedure, call (866)-887-3999 for a free physician referral.

Call (866)-887-3999

You’re in good hands when you have surgery here at St. Mark’s Hospital. Expert surgeons and support staff, state-of-the-art facilities, and safety-focused programs combine the best of technology with a healing touch to promote your health.

The accredited anesthesiologists, nurses, technicians and surgeons are leaders in their respective fields, and are continually training and advancing their education to be the most skilled and knowledgeable they can be. At St Mark’s Hospital, we pride ourselves in being at the forefront of all types of medicine, and surgery is no exception.

And rest assured, most surgical procedures don’t require lengthy hospital stays. In fact, many require no overnight stay at all (often called “day,” “outpatient” or “same-day” surgeries). If, however, you are staying more than one night after surgery, yours will be an “inpatient” surgery.

No matter how long you stay, or what type of surgery you have at St. Mark’s Hospital, you can be certain that you'll receive the best medical attention possible.

St. Mark’s Hospital has several options to meet your surgical needs whether you are in need of inpatient or outpatient surgery in Salt Lake City. Our advanced surgical technologies and minimally invasive procedures help patients see greater results with smaller incisions and move on to faster recoveries.

Surgery at St. Mark's Hospital

Inpatient and Outpatient surgeries are performed at the St. Mark's Hospital campus followed by recovery options in our Ambulatory Care Unit or one of our other post-op or rehabilitation units.

St. Mark's Hospital Surgery
1200 E 3900 S
Salt Lake City, UT

Phone: (801) 268-7119

St. Mark's Outpatient Surgery Center on 45th South

Additionally, for your outpatient surgery needs only, we have a nearby outpatient facility.

St. Mark’s Hospital Surgery Center
348 E 4500 S
Suite 100
Salt Lake City, UT

Phone: (801) 685-6400

Our Surgical Services

Our surgical services include:

Other Surgical Services Offered

  • 13 Operating Rooms on the Main Campus
  • 4 Operating Rooms at our Surgery Center on 45th
  • Hybrid operating Room
  • Post Anesthesia Care Unit
  • Inpatient and Outpatient Endoscopy
  • Out Patient IV Infusion Therapy
  • Da Vinci Robotic Surgery: GYN, General, Colorectal, Urology, Thoracic and Bariatrics
  • Spine Robot
  • O-Arm & Stealth Navigation

For additional information or if you have questions, please contact Surgical Services at (801) 268-7119.

Patient Information

  • The patient or responsible party should bring their insurance card(s) and a photo ID.
  • The patient or responsible party should bring their preferred payment method for any co-pays or balances.
  • The patient or responsible party should review carefully all of their information as listed on the chart. Spellings, addresses, and other demographic information should be reviewed.
  • All patients should have a ride home and a responsible adult to care for them that evening. For patient safety, we request that a responsible adult remain at the center with the patient at all times.
  • Parent(s) or legal guardians of pediatric patients (17 years of age or younger) need to remain at the Center at all times until dismissal. Legal guardians should bring with them any legal or guardianship papers.
  • If you have a Latex allergy, or think you may be pregnant, please call the surgical center at (801) 268-7119 to speak to a registered nurse.

Please contact St. Mark's Hospital at (801) 268-7263 to ensure that your insurance is in network with our surgery center or visit our Health Insurance Plans page for more information.

Learn More About Health Insurance Plans

Thank you for choosing the St. Mark's Hospital for your upcoming surgery or procedure.

To start the pre-surgical assessment process, St. Mark's Hospital requests that you complete your medical history online.

We recommend that you enter your medical history online as soon as your surgery has been scheduled. Once you do this, our Pre-Surgical Assessment nurse will be able to access the information you entered online. This information will assist the nurse in organizing and documenting your complete medical history to prepare for your surgery.

Be sure to have the following information available before starting pre-registration with One Medical Passport:

  • Your health insurance information.
  • The names, addresses and phone numbers of your physicians.
  • A list of all medications you are taking, their dosage and frequency.
  • A list of surgical procedures you have ever had
  • The name of the surgeon who will be performing your upcoming procedure

Pre-Register Online

Above all else, we are committed to the care and improvement of human life. In recognition of this commitment, we strive to deliver high quality, cost effective healthcare in the communities we serve. To accomplish this we would like to know what we are doing right or what needs improvement. We depend on our patients and their families to keep us informed.

St. Mark's Hospital

If you have a concern involving our surgery center and wish to speak to someone directly, please call during regular business hours and ask to speak to Risk Management at (801) 268-7111 or write to:

St. Mark's Hospital
Attn: Administrator
1200 E 3900 S, Suite 100
Salt Lake City, UT, 84124

The Joint Commission

Our surgery center is accredited by the following organization; you may also contact them directly with any concerns:

The Joint Commission
1 Renaissance Blvd
Oakbrook Terrace, IL 60181

Phone: (630) 792-5800

Contact The Joint Commission

At St. Mark's Hospital, we are committed to providing our patients and families with the best available healthcare services, along with convenient and reliable billing services. You may view or pay your bill online at the link below.

View or Pay Bill Online

Contact Customer Support

Please contact Customer Support if you have questions. Call us toll-free at (800) 260-4854.


Mon - Fri: 8:00am - 7:00pm CST
Mon - Fri: 7:00am - 6:00pm MST

Direct Mail

Mail direct correspondence to:

St. Mark’s Hospital
PO Box 740757
Cincinnati, OH 45274

Our Surgery Patient Education Booklet provides additional information regarding how to prepare for your upcoming surgery.

Download the Surgery Patient Education Booklet

Your physician will provide post-procedure instructions regarding diet, rest, exercise, and medications. The Center will provide you with a written summary of these instructions. We suggest that you pamper yourself for the first 24 hours following your procedure. Arrange for an adult to remain with you at home for at least 24 hours.

Since it is normal to feel drowsy after receiving an anesthetic, we also recommend that you postpone these activities for 24 hours after discharge:

  • Driving and operating equipment
  • Signing important papers
  • Making significant decisions
  • Drinking alcoholic beverages

If you have any unexpected problems, please call your doctor. A nurse from the Center will attempt to call you the next day to check your progress and discuss any questions you may have.

Fees, Insurance Coverage, and Payment Policy

Your surgery fee will be based on the time you spend in surgery and recovery rooms, as well as the supplies and services required to care for you. In addition to your bill, you will be billed by all physicians who cared for you, such as surgeon and anesthesiologist. A portion of your bill is due at the time of service (i.e. co-pay, co-insurance, or deductibles). We will ask for a deposit unless your insurance documentation notates otherwise. A representative from Patient Access Department will be contacting you to obtain all of the necessary registration information. The hospital participates in many insurance plans and managed care contracts.

A financial counselor may contact you prior to your stay regarding your portion of the hospital bill. If you anticipate difficulty financing your hospitalization, please contact the financial counselor at (801) 268-7263 to make payment arrangements.

Your surgeon’s and anesthesiologist’s fees will be billed separately. (Please ask your physician for an estimate of these fees prior to surgery).

Some procedures like cosmetic surgery and dental work are often not covered by insurance. You will be asked to pay these charges in full at the time of surgery.