Aimee & Tyson's Journey

weight loss surgery


Since our weight loss surgeries Tyson has lost 197 pounds and I have lost 174 pounds. Between the two of us we have lost 371 pounds total. It is almost unbelievable!

Tyson and I were both heavily overweight when we met. Through our dating and marriage we tried several diets and work outs together and didn't see much improvement. We hired a diet and exercise consultant who helped us to both lose 50 pounds each, but we were unable to maintain the loss. For fun we tried out for The Biggest Loser twice and didn't get very far there either. Finally, we sat down and decided that if we were ever going to reach our goals, we needed to get this problem under control. We had tried everything, but couldn't do it alone. We went to a seminar with the weight loss surgeons at St. Mark's Hospital and we both knew instantly that we needed to make surgery our next step.

Since our surgeries at St. Mark's Hospital, our lives have completely changed. We have a social life! Our weekends are filled with walks, hikes, swims, and other active things. Our confidence levels are higher than we ever imagined they could be. It's the little things that make a big difference. We live on the third floor of our apartment building and we don't run out of energy half way up. I can tie my own shoes. Tyson's cholesterol went down and so did my blood pressure. We've stopped surviving life and started living it!

If anyone out there is feeling trapped in their own body and unsure where to turn, we suggest attending a weight loss surgery seminar. It's free, and the information you receive is honestly life changing. There is no need to feel trapped anymore. Surgery is a life vest we wish we had obtained sooner life.

My Advice: The one thing I wish I had known is that no two people lose the same. My weight journey will be a lifelong battle. Surgery has helped me drastically, but I lost my way when I kept comparing myself to others, and even to Tyson. Just follow the advice of your surgeon and don't compare your journey to anyone's. In the same breath, seek out the support groups. There is no reason to do this alone.