• Jennifer's Story

    weight loss surgery


    Jennifer had the sleeve gastrectomy and lost over 100 lbs. This surgery drastically changed her health and quality of life in many ways. She no longer feels limited in what she can do. Best of all she looks forward to living a longer life.

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  • Lynn's Story

    weight loss surgery


    Lynn had the gastric bypass surgery done and has lost 145 lbs. Since losing the weight, Lynn has had an increase in energy and is able to do so much more. He enjoys being outside, and is able to participate in activities such as walking and hiking.

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  • Dell's Story



    Dell was watching the evening news when he had a stroke. Fortunately, he was rushed to St. Mark’s Hospital, where he was immediately admitted for treatment. Today, he is strong and active, and has recovered impressively.

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  • Gustavo's Story



    Gustavo tells his experience at St. Mark’s Hospital following his sixth stroke. He credits the staff for their help in his recovery process. He felt motivated to keep going and to try harder, because he saw how much his progress meant to the doctors and nurses at St. Mark’s Hospital who wanted him to succeed.

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  • Teri's Story

    cardiac , heart


    Teri chose to go to St. Mark’s emergency room one day after feeling a stinging pain in her chest. The hospital discovered that Teri had an aortic dissection. Thanks to the determination of the surgeons, and the compassion of the nurses Teri is confident she will return to her normal life.

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  • Shannalee's Story



    Shannalee was at school when she noticed unusual symptoms in her throat and with her breathing. She was taken to St. Mark’s Hospital where the doctors diagnosed her with a rare care of Lemierres Syndrome. She describes the compassion and care she received to prepare her physically and emotionally for a complete recovery.

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  • Dan & Krissy's Story

    baby , maternity


    Dan and Krissy, gave birth to their son Calvin at 26 weeks, weighing 1 pound 15 ounces. The doctors and nurses as St. Mark’s Hospital made them feel like they were family, and helped reassure them that everything was going to be alright. In spite of his small size, and need for extra special attention in the NICU, Calvin is now a happy and energetic two year old!

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  • Michelle's Journey

    weight loss surgery


    I don’t really know how to describe how happy I am that I chose to have gastric bypass surgery. I thought I was living before I had surgery, but looking back I was just existing and not really living. I was 26 years old and had been trying to lose weight for 10 years. I wasn’t always heavy. I was active all growing up, but after high school I started to put on weight through the years. During this time I would try and lose the weight. I would lose some weight and then gain it back plus some... My surgery was July 17, 2012 at St. Mark’s Hospital. This day changed the rest of my life…for the better.

  • Larry's Journey

    weight loss surgery


    I always related eating a lot with sports. While I was in training and playing, I never had to worry about putting on extra weight. After I got married and had a family, even though I worked hard and jogged daily, I found that keeping off extra pounds was a battle. At 305 pounds and gaining, going through bilateral knee replacements, high blood pressure, sleep apnea, feeling tired and having no energy, I felt there was no hope. I wore baggy shorts and loose T-shirts in the summer and baggy dress clothes to hide my “gut!”.

    After surgery at St. Mark’s Hospital and losing 105 pounds, I’ve turned into a clothes freak! Now I look forward to dressing up to go anywhere.

  • Aimee & Tyson's Journey

    weight loss surgery


    Tyson and I were both heavily overweight when we met. Through our dating and marriage we tried several diets and work outs together and didn't see much improvement. We hired a diet and exercise consultant who helped us to both lose 50 pounds each, but we were unable to maintain the loss. Finally, we sat down and decided that if we were ever going to reach our goals, we needed to get this problem under control. We had tried everything, but couldn't do it alone. We went to a seminar with the weight loss surgeons at St. Mark’s Hospital and we both knew instantly that we needed to make surgery our next step.

  • Amanda's Journey

    weight loss surgery


    Morbidly Obese. Morbid. The first time I realized that my BMI of near 50 qualified me as Morbidly Obese, I was morbidly horrified. I had always been fat, or at least it seemed like it. I knew I was obese, but to put my height and weight into an online calculator and have the words MORBIDLY OBESE pop up stopped me dead in my tracks. It was a significant shock.

    My life has been greatly impacted by my obesity. It affected every facet, including my family life, self-esteem, work and daily activities. It was time to change my body, my attitude, my esteem. It's time I take charge.